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Ass To Ass Lesbians

It was a beautiful day South Florida Sun poolside. The ladies were looking super hot in their little thongs. Unfortunately, the water was cold, so he could not get all wet. Lily had a backup plan to get wet well. He turned quickly to Kylie and checked the other girls, because of the size of each other asses. The kiss began shortly after and grew in the room. And while the sun tans was overheated inside. Lily sat on Kylie's face and made sure that her pussy lips overlapping his cheeks. Kylie got her tongue down Lily, while playing with it. She wanted to ensure that her pussy was wet with Lily. They changed places, and Lily plunged right in the ass Kylie as an Olympic athlete on a trampoline. She then touched the finger until we could hear that Kylie was wet. Both came with enthusiasm and finished with a gentle hug time.

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What do you want?

"Heather lick and suck the cock of James. James, tell me how it feels to obey, and not cum until I tell you." The two switch positions, and James began to speak. You could see Heather juices shine on the lips. "It feels like floating, floating in a sea of ​​joy, as if there was nothing else than me, and thy words, and I. .." He let out a sigh of pleasure shuddery. "I can not help myself, but I do not wanna stop, I will obey, I must obey, it feels too good for me to stop, please, I order more, if you please ... " And it did. "James coming behind me and start kissing my ass. Heather, caressing my body, caressing me all over my body." Karyn had never seen a woman before, never touched not even think of themselves as bisexual with leanings, but Heather just looked so sexy to do if they did things Karyn, and ... and suddenly she felt two cocks in her sliding and faded, work your body in rhythm, pumping hands and Heather in her breasts, stroking her neck, and it felt so good, and Karyn felt drag on orgasm again, so much larger than the previous, more powerful, it just went on and on and on and on, and they listened, panting on, "Cum cum, each of you, oh, cummmm ... " They felt that they derive their loads in her, Heather looked suddenly and spontaneously shudder in orgasm, and she pushed over the edge into a final, deep, explosive eruption of joy, before I finally stumbled upon their students, exhausted. And then a few minutes later, she did it again. ***** "No?" The devil seemed more irritated than surprised. "What do you mean 'no'?" "I mean" no. "I do not want your gift. What you offered, I refuse now. I do not think I can not be clearer." The devil went up and down the length of the chamber Karyn, so that short flared foot marks, which disappeared quickly. "It's impossible. I looked. I saw you. I know you. I know everything. Nobody comes it down, never. This is what everyone wants in secret." It almost seemed depressed. Karyn had a strange urge to slap him on the shoulder and tell him he was not his fault to fight. "It's not what I want." The devil on his round, shining eyes. "What do you want?" Karyn smiles. "I thought you'd never ask." She explained her idea. It did not take long. The devil heard. "And why should I do, it does not look like much it irritates you - could be filed, to do evil, but not in a way that could tarnish your soul free will is an important factor, you know .." "Could you do it because ... you gave me strength in the hope that it would tarnish my soul because I have tried to be angry people do things. Right? "The devil nodded." Think of all the souls that have tarnished, if you ask, what I would. " To broadcast a slow, cruel smile on the characteristics of the devil. "Done!" He said. It was a complex, occult gestures and gone, but found that Karyn deep in her already. He gave Karyn's heart, and she could not wait to use them immediately. ***** Students of "Introduction to Anthropology and Archaeology" looking forward. Professor Bell was already 5 minutes late to class, and they were the rumors that have been cut from them and have canceled classes heard yesterday. Many of them were already out and I was wondering if you could get by without if Professor Bell came in, and when she looked, she knew. Suddenly intuitively obvious that, without knowing it, etc.. You want everything they do. All they had to do was order, and they obey. They would be happy, blessed each command, they obeyed was given. All they had to do was to say. She began to wonder what it would be like ... Cumlouder Mania

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The first time

'Shopping' consisted of driving around to various shops, walk around, pick what they wanted, and to invite the commander of the shop staff to them in the back of the truck delete, forget all records security event, and they had never been there. They met - no, more than satisfied, they're happy to help him fly. It seemed they had found in their lives, for the first time that you had never thought someone could be so happy, but simple tasks and mundane transformed into wonderful ideas when they told people . It took a few laps, but eventually, his house was complete with the latest electronics to furniture, clothing and consumer filled ... and some money as well. She had asked him to empty the cash register a few larger stores, and they were happy to obey. Finally, they abandoned the SUV driver's head, what he had done when she met him, with orders to forget the last 5 hours in total, and came back on campus. She would not return to their own apartment, but. She went to the other. With the help of student records to determine where a student lived your price was probably unethical, of course, but this time she was a little concerned about the past, know that after installation in the building (thanks to an exciting tenant, who has graciously opened the security door for a stranger found it completely), they went upstairs and knocked on the door of Arthur. "Professor Bell!" He said. "It's a surprise. James and I had Heather is a study session." She entered, and he closed the door behind him. "Tell me, I saw the note on the door today. Nothing wrong with you?" "No," she said. "Get out now." "Sure," he said, and look of happiness on his face when he sent all the ringing of fire stripped of Karyn's pussy. He looked fiercely that the act of obedience, had already begun his excitement before they even offered it. She was seen at all, he had overheard an erection. She led him into the living room, and for a moment, looked at James (which she admitted that her boyfriend) and Heather (a pretty young brunette she knew of classes) fear, but then she had ordered, and eyes went into this wonderful place where only marked Karyn rewarding. She had to strip her well, and it was the most erotic, what they had seen in his life. Heather looked so sexy with that half-closed eyes, not understanding, and asked me, Karyn again, as it would be like if you feel so good to do what you said. It was probably the one who gave the following idea, she said Arthur, lying on the ground, and while they mounted their clothes and put him, they began to give orders to Heather and James . "Playing with her breasts," she said, feeling the cock in her slip and Arthur looked at the faces of James "as he obeyed. "Heather, place your hand on his dick. James on his knees, kissing your way down the legs to the feet. Heather, a pinch and rub their breasts. James, kiss your way back to his legs up to Heather her pussy. Run your hands ... oh, it feels good, do not stop Arthur, not cum until I tell you ... Heather, run your hands through your hair. " They tried to think of new things to tell them to do, and as fast as they could think of them, she said. For it was not what they were doing was so erotic that it was this look that smug expression came on them, because they believe that the most important thing in the world do what they do, ordered them to understand. He looked so hot and ... "Heather, tell me how it feels to obey." "It ... unnnh ..." She was now panting, distracted from the mouth of James. "It feels like sex, a professor, how come the moment just before you have sex, if pleasure is so intense that supports your mind, and you know you're going, oh, but you will cum "re just on the edge and it feels even better because you can keep it there, and if I obey, it's like I thought it was me, I will never stop doing what I said to you, oh, oh, oh! "She shuddered and sank slowly to his knees. James helped her to descend safely, always licking pussy. He had not been told to stop yet. "Arthur," she said and looked doomed to the man she was to "tell me how it feels to obey." "It is ..." Her eyes were glassy with pleasure and necessity, he had trouble forming words, but she could see was his order, forcing him, despite the panting, gasping, aching need to talk, cum ... "It's so good," he moaned, "as held and picked up and fucked fucked with your words, your mind, so good, ohhh ..." Karyn felt on the edge of orgasm go on hearing of his blind, babble song of pleasure and subjugation, but it was not even tired. Videos Porno

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She found a young man

"Wait!" Karyn said. She suddenly realized that if they command that left at least, they might never see him again. Nobody would ever see again, for that matter. "Continue anyway you did," she said, "and forget that you saw me this morning." He sighed heavily, enthusiastic, and on his way across campus. Karyn practically sprinted home and tried not to think about the look in his eyes as he went. At home, she moved one of his favorite toys and masturbate. It was not long, and she remembered only in the eyes of people, they offer, such as requests for tiny part of everyday life. But they look so happy. Would it really be a sin, she thought about people so happy, blessed, that senseless, empty, obedient ... she shuddered in orgasm. Of course, it would be, thought she recovers. It was the whole point. She tried to apologize and find for sin. She had lived a relatively blameless before now, it would have been a good person, trying to educate and build young minds, contributed to charities ... really, if you thought about it, they did not have much to worry about the "Evaluation of the immortal soul" department before now. And they had nothing to do about tomorrow's problems. Have confirmed their determination, as she looked at the clock and I watched the minutes tick slowly. You can stay here (consider replacing the worn out furniture, old television, things she always wanted, but never had the money) at home, away from people (people who kneel before her in a state of pure ecstasy, tonguing her clit, licking her ass behind her), and if 24 hours had passed, she had never worry about them. You could of his life. ... But if you thought about it, really, could, how much damage you do to your mind within 24 hours? It was not like she intended to commit any mortal sins. If tomorrow, they gave the power, then surely they would have a lifetime to repent what she did today? And they had a good life until now, they lead a life after this point ... really, it would be such a waste of one day's worth it, and do not use it. You do not have time to tip the scales in balance. She needed only his decision to record the important point that the return of power. Would, in fact, if you thought about it, spend the day with his gift to help when the return of the devil. Instead of trying regret the outstanding desire, desire, the power they use, as they had, they might waive, the memories made with one-day nature, to comfort her. Frankly, it was the best way to handle things. She reached for her purse on the way to the door, but realized they did not really need. ***** First she went shopping. She found a young man attached to an SUV waiting at red lights, and said, "Let me in." This view of happiness, which obediently closed more and more, she was familiar, he closed the door , and they got into the car. "You'll be my driver for a bit," she said, and his pure joy in his voice when he said: "Naturally," she nearly went mad with desire. For a second she thought about telling him to pull into an alley and into the hand of her orgasm ... But no, that would come later. Shopping first. Videos Porno

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Go away!

She never had an attentive class, or they did a worse job of teaching. She stammered, she fell, she had long periods where they do not try to think of picking a random person in the class and sex with them while the rest of the students looked into silence blind, she took a long sip of ice water to keep the right rinsing with sexual heat, but students were still hanging on his every word. Nearly one of them wants to take a cellphone and disrupt the learning process, just for the good old days, but she dared not wish harm for fear of forcing them to occur. The human will suddenly seemed too fragile to be around them as they walked on eggshells. Every time you looked at her class, she could not see in someone's eyes, that thoughtless, empty the joy that came from him the following commands. Although subtle, such orders were involuntary, "Look, Class" or "Write this down, this will be the last." They did not do it, they loved it. They not only follow orders, they obeyed. They wanted to do what they told them to do. She wondered what it is, they felt. After class, she called the Dean, explaining that a small disaster had occurred, and they would not be able to manage classes or office hours for the rest of the day. He began to ask him exactly what the problem was, but she told him not to bother. Even on the phone, heard the noise of empty Karyn, happiness in obeying his voice when he said: ". Of course," She felt guilty of shirk their work, but rationalized that it is necessary to do something from, to avoid the worst. She closed her desk, put a note on the door of the classroom, apologized to the student for the canceled class and marched on campus to his apartment. The hike was pure agony A person who leaves, she began with the same vague, glazed look in their eyes, to do without thinking about what she told them. "Yes, Karyn, I want to lick her pussy." "Yes, Karyn, I want to fuck you now." "Yes, Karyn, I will have all the money myself." "Yes, Karyn, I will strip for you." Yes, Karyn ',' Yes, Karyn ',' Yes, Karyn '- "Professor Bell?" Karyn jumped to almost hear someone cope. She turned to Arthur Bingham, a student approaches his price. "I was hoping to take a moment to inform you of the work we were due to Babylonian murals have to ask. Do you have a moment?" Arthur was gay, she knew she had seen outside the class with his friend. He had never been interested in a woman, especially a professor of archeology in his mid-forties. She had always known he had helped to sublimate the feelings she received when she saw shaped his body well, but a glance at him, she knew his true sexual preference would not role for him. His mind would melt the ice, as under their power, under a torch ... "Go away!" She cried, and seeing his eyes, it is even worse. He did not want the sight of his favorite teacher snap it hurts to see. He smiled without understanding, said: " Naturally, "and turned around. Sex Shop

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Sex in the classroom

She described the whole class, masturbating in perfect harmony for their voyeuristic pleasure. Maybe they would then move to mutual masturbation to stimulate all students in a circle and forcing the person to their right. Or they could just make Trott for their pleasure, they had always something of a grim picture of the training of college students sex, and convert it probably will not stupidly horny animals such change to be. She forced herself to breathe deeply. He had the power to implement these ideas in their brains to be, she thought. The devil must be known, she would never succumb to their own, and decided to put this terrible wonderful pictures in my head ... even though she told herself, she knew she was lying. She looked at the clock. Five minutes before class started. "Excuse me," she told the students already there: "I'll just get a bottle of water as I'm back .." She went out into the quiet room, grateful for the solitude. Maybe they should cancel all their classes for the day, just you wait 24 hours in the privacy of your own home? Could this "cheating" to be in some way? If the devil does not comply with his promise to withdraw his gift? Come to think of it, thought Karyn, had he ever said that to win when she asked. He said he would, he asked her if she wanted to retain power, but he had not really said he would honor his request. She quickly went to the cafeteria, trying not to notice all the men and women go about their routines, and asked the clerk, "Can I have a bottle of water?" You saw in his eyes at that moment, detect a subtle glaze of blind obedience to too subtle for the average person, and realized what she had done. "Sure," he said, handing him the bottle. She tried not to notice how happy, how blessed, how he met seemed to follow, even a simple request. Karyn knew when she left the door he would not think for a moment, asking for payment. She also realized she had left her purse in the classroom. I'll pay him back later, she thought her return. *****

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Nice tens

And with that he disappeared. The stench of sulfur remained, however. Karyn was sure it was all real. But if she did not know if they think they have simply fallen asleep due to an insufficient amount of coffee that morning and had dreamed a dream of the devil decided, then surely the 24 hours pass without incident ? Karyn swept the navigation button, to the point and went to his first class of the day. ***** Temptation first set in about ten minutes later. When the first student, another newcomer in an introductory class that Karyn had filed hated, but placed them in the adoption by the Dean, Karyn knew immediately that this was not a dream. She felt intuitively, this young man would do anything, she said. No, not even say "- she could feel his spirit in his office, you feel how the pressure of their own will to direct his thoughts in new directions and to obey his wishes long implied. It felt the power that swells in it, and it frightened her. She prayed for another student to come and take a careful eye on them and keep them honest. Instead, it makes things worse. If a student came second, they realized they are the first boy to yield to their will, while the second blind events. Worse, it could handle both - the figures are not an obstacle to their power, they felt that now. As students increasingly, men and women filtered, they put them fall under their spell. First one or two, then in groups, until finally the whole class was conducted what they wanted even more depraved acts they ... Karyn was never themselves as having much imagination when it came to corrupt acts, but he surprised when they think they now own.